Saturday, July 29, 2006

She Crawls!!

Yes, two days ago Alexis started crawling and now there's no stopping her! She also thinks she can walk now too, she will pull herself up on things like the couch or coffee table and just let go, she's so brave..."Look ma no hands"...good thing I am there to catch her. Nannan is going to have some fun when she gets back from Keji!

Today was my second day off, we didn't do much except had a barbecue and rented a movie. We watched "the Hills have Eyes", it was a really gorey horror movie about a little miner town in the desert that didn't want to leave their land when the government was doing some nuclear testing....I thought it was going to be a lot better than it was.

We had another barbecue today, it was better than yesterday, today we had some juicy steaks from Emins....We also went to the beach today it was Alexis' first time! She loved playing in the sand and looking at the waves. We didn't go in the water as we went after supper and it was slightly chilly out, but it was a good time. I hope to have pictures soon, tonight my camera and computer aren't co operating. Any who, gotta go it's getting late...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ah ha, I have something to rant about, it's not anything insightful, just general disgust...I watched Canadian Idol tonight and was appaled with the outcome! The only good female singer was cut! Her name is Nancy Silverman and she was, in my opinion the best female vocal on the show, and I just liked her style.

I hope she gets some kind of recording deal, if she released an album I would most definately buy it. But for now I am boycotting Canadian Idol because Canada obviously doesn't recognize talent. The whole show is pretty cheesy anyway....Grrr Canadian voters....wait I didn't vote...oops

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well I know I have been rather slack with blogging but it's not completely my fault. I tried to post Sunday night, as soon as I was finished my blog I got an error, "Program not responding...." grrrr that's what I say to you!!! Grrr....Any-who it's going to be a short one tonight, I said I'd never waste my time with this again ( it was late, and I had worked hard playing around with perfecting the page layout and my computer conked...) but here I am. Saturday was my day off and Alexis and I were able to enjoy the sunshine...thought I might get a bit of a tan...but of course since I have such little skin pigment I ended up rather red. Alexis and I dipped our feet in the lake and we were able to get up close and personal with nature...

We interrupted this snake while he was chasing his supper, a little green frog that hopped by a few moments before this snake slithered out of the grass after him. Alexis loved splashing in the water and was facinated by the grass. She's such a good baby, and I can't wait until my days off this week to have her all to myself.

On an unrelated note there is another Extreme Cage Combat coming to Halifax on July 22, I would like to go. I went to the first one and it was quite a many people there, the line was insane! The tickets for this up comming event are probably all sold out, the first one was oversold.... Ah well we shall see.

For now I will leave you with some more pictures of my little cutie pie....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well the time has finally come, the baby is asleep, and I have downloaded my pictures from my camera, so why not? Why not start a blog, everyone else is doing it! I will have to keep it short as I am extremely tired, long day at work today, and another long one tomorrow. I found out my new shift today 11-8pm Sunday to Thursday, so that means my next day off will be July 14, ouch..that's going to be a long haul, but I like my job so it's not all bad...Yesterday was my birthday, also my day off, didn't to do much just relaxed with Alexis and tried to get some sun while it was out. I love my days off, getting to spend some well needed time with the babe, she's so sweet the time just flys. She's already 6 months old, with 2 teeth and she's just about crawling...I think this blog will mainly be for me to show off Lexy poo! I'll try to post pictures often but for tonight I think I shall retire....